Libertatea pentru femei  
Short Editorial Description

Libertatea pentru femei brings the latest news from different areas of life that concern the practical woman type, in a brief and colorful way, and also includes an interview with a local star (most often VIPs famous on the TV screen). Fashion and beauty are also present in Libertatea pentru femei with practical advice, latest trends and interactive columns. The article real stories from the magazine’s readers and a contest in which the best stories are awarded represent a novelty in the mass market magazine structure. Practical session, that includes pages with useful tips, interactive columns, recipes and a contest in which the best recipes are awarded, covers a significant area in the editorial space. Family, couple is another pillar of the magazine that has several topical themes. Spare time includes themes such as decorating your house, plants, latest movies, music and films. The magazine is also exploring briefly the mundane happenings and the weekly stars predictions for each horoscope sign.